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The Rare Elements of the Periodic Table

The Rare Elements of the Periodic Table
The Rare Elements of the Periodic Table
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Product Description

The Rare Elements of the Periodic Table - in Minerals

8 minerals represent the following elements in this scientifically beautiful and accurate display case: scandium (21); cadmium (48); tellurium (52); cesium (55); lanthanum (57); dysprosium (66); platinum (78); and thallium (81). Each mineral contains the element featured.

A great supplement to our other display case of the elements entitled: Elements of the Periodic Table.

Display size: 7.5" L X 5.5"W X 3/4"D.

Designed and produced by Jensan Scientifics, LLC

Ships with detailed information sheet.

Disclaimer: For educational and teaching purposes only. Do not ingest or inhale. Recommended for middle school and above.