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Statue Carving

Stone Statue Carving
Stone Statue Carving
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Stone Statue Carving
All cultures of the world have left some traces of art, whether it be in pictographs, paintings, sculptures or statues.

This statue was originally found on private land in New Mexico, but with trading among many native cultures its origin is unknown. It might be Hohokam, but it is not definitive.

The figure is shown sitting on the ground, with it's knees pulled up to an elbow, which is clutching a raised arm over the figures head. If you place it flat on its side on a table, it would appear the the figure is asleep. Being that the base is flat and the figure naturally sits upright, it would be that the figure has an overall expression of woe, protection, or grief.

This is an interesting statue. Picture #3 has a wedge-like appearance of hematite along the outer thigh of the leg, lower foot and base.

Size: 128mm H X 50mm W X 50mm D; weight: 343 grams

This statue was obtained from a private collection and legally discovered on private land. No other information is known about the statue.

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