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Popigai Crater Meteorite Impact Breccia Russia

Popigai Crater Impact Breccia
Popigai Crater Impact Breccia
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Product Description

Popigai Crater Impact Breccia
The Popigai impact crater is located in northern Siberia, far north of the Arctic Circle. It is the fourth largest verified impact crater on Earth, with a diameter of 56 miles. It was created in the Eocene Epic, some 35 million years ago and it is thought to be linked to the Eocene-Oligocene extinction event.

(In conjunction with the Chesapeake Bay impact crater formation around the same time along with a other meteorite impact occurrences, bombardment is a very likely reason for this extinction event.)

The Popigai crater is in a remote location. In spite of this, the crater has been scientifically studied and many interesting features have been revealed. Along with impact breccia, industrial grade diamonds have been found at the crater site. The high heat and pressure created by the impact occurred in a brief instant, which was not enough time for well-formed diamonds to develop. Russian geologists state there are "trillions of carats" of diamonds at the site, as it is likely that the collision of the chondrite meteorite with a large carbon deposit present on the ground created them. The site is one of the world's best for yielding industrial grade diamonds, supposedly enough to supply the global market for industrial grade diamonds for the next 3,000 years.

This specimen of Popigai crater impact breccia has 3 sides, each with unique features. The front is polished (pictured with tag). The second side (main picture) shows a large clast with surrounding breccia. The third side shows an interesting variation in breccia, as well.

Size: 60mm L X 40mm W X 35mm D

Ships with tag stand, display case, information and Certificate of Authenticity. Acrylic base and photo cube not included.

This is a very fine specimen from this remote location and would make a great addition to any meteorite impact materials geological collection.

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