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Acheulian Tool Paleolithic Algeria, Africa

Acheulian Tool Paleolithic Algeria, Africa - Sold!
Acheulian Tool Paleolithic Algeria, Africa - Sold!
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Product Description

Acheulian Tool Paleolithic Algeria, Africa - Sold!
Acheulian Tool Paleolithic Algeria, Africa

This tool has been classified to be from the middle to lower Paleolithic, which is among the earliest stone tool archaeological industry in prehistory. These tools were used by ancient hominids across much of Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe.

Acheulean tools are usually found with Homo erectus remains. These tools were probably first developed out of the more primitive Oldowan technology as long ago as 1.76 million years ago, by Homo habilis.

Choppers, proto-axes and cores, etc. were commonly used tools during the lower Paleolithic. It is definitely touching hands through history.

Size: 75mm L X 53mm W X 30mm D

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity and information about the significance of the specimen.

Origin: Orgla, Algeria

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