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Authentic Pleistocene Tool

Authentic  Pleistocene Tool - Exceptional!- Sold!
Authentic Pleistocene Tool - Exceptional!- Sold!
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Product Description

Authentic Pleistocene Tool - Exceptional!

This tool has been classified to be from the Olduwan, which is the earliest stone tool archaeological industry in prehistory. Oldowan tools were used during the Lower Paleolithic period, 2.6 million years ago up until 1.7 million years ago, by ancient hominids across much of Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The term "Oldowan" originiates from the site of Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, where the first Oldowan lithics were discovered, by the archaeologist Louis Leakey in the 1930s. Classification of Oldowan tools is still in debate. Mary Leakey was the first to create a system to classify Oldowan assemblages, and built her system based on prescribed use. The system included choppers, scrapers, and pounders.

Choppers, Proto-axes and Cores, etc. were commonly used tools during the Pleistocene.

Age Range: Late Olduwan to Upper Paleozoic Neanderthal and Early Homo Sapien

It is definitely touching hands through history... see the thumbprint where the thumb goes to help hold the tool.

Size: 2 1/2" L X 2 1/2"W X 1/2" D

Ships with COA and information about the significance of the specimen.

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Origin: Orgla, Algeria

Guaranteed Authentic: Jensan Scientifics, LLC