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Periodic Table Elements and Rare Minerals

Everything is changing and everything is connected and the elements of the periodic table helps to show us how this is done. The periodic table of the elements is a tabular chart that arranges the elements from the lightest element, hydrogen, to uranium and beyond to the super heavy elements. These elements make our world, the universe and ourselves. Minerals contain common elements while some can be very rare. We have a selection of beautiful minerals as well as rare minerals from various localities from around the world.

Lautarite Nitratine Halite
Regular price: $95.00
Sale price: $79.95
Palladium Ore Stillwater, Montana
Regular price: $145.00
Sale price: $125.00
Germanite Namibia, Africa
Regular price: $105.95
Sale price: $99.85
Rheniite Mineral Containing Rhenium
Regular price: $210.00
Sale price: $169.95
Siderazot Rare Nitrogen Mineral
Regular price: $125.00
Sale price: $115.00
Premium Greenockite Cadmium Mineral
Regular price: $145.00
Sale price: $135.00
Keiviite Rare Mineral Containing Element Ytterbium
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $125.00
Platinum Ore Merensky Reef South Africa
Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $155.00
Pollucite Cesium Mineral for Sale
Regular price: $85.00
Sale price: $65.00
Sulphur Santorini Greece - Sold!
Regular price: $165.00
Sale price: $145.00
Zincite Crystal - SOLD
The Rare Elements of the Periodic Table in Minerals
Regular price: $65.00
Sale price: $59.95
Weissbergite Thallium Mineral for Sale
The Periodic Table in Minerals Collection
Botryogen South America Chile
Regular price: $85.00
Sale price: $65.00
 The Periodic Table of the Cosmos Poster
Regular price: $32.95
Sale price: $29.95
Periodic Table of the Elements for Science Geeks
Regular price: $38.95
Sale price: $35.00