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Exceptional Pallasite Meteorite Pendant 14K Gold

Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace 14K Gold - Sold!
Seymchan Pallasite Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace 14K Gold - Sold!
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Exceptional Pallasite Meteorite Custom Pendant Jewelry - 14K Gold

This is truly the "Cadillac" of meteorite jewelry and is sometimes referred to as "celestial stained glass!"

Pallasites are the most beautiful form of meteorite jewelry and they are often referred to as "celestial stained glass." They are Stony-iron meteorites that are mixtures of crystalline yellow to green olivine (peridot gem) in a network of nickel-iron. They are among the most sought-after piece to complete any serious meteorite collectors collection.

The name "pallasite" comes from the name of the German naturalist Peter Simon Pallas who first took interest in pallasites and described it in his writings, in 1772. Pallasites are a rare type of meteorite. Only 61 are known to date, including 10 from Antarctica, and only 4 are observed falls.

The olivine (peridot gem variety) in pallasites is magnesium-rich and shows signs of "shock" and impact, which occurred in outer space. Many of the olivine gems appear rounded. Some scientists think this is because the olivine was once liquid droplets suspended in a frozen metal matrix.

This meteorite is called Seymchan. It was found in 1967 in Magadanskaya, Oblast, Russia. It is considered to be among the most stable of pallasite meteorites. The olivine in this meteorite is fantastic! It has two great windows, so you can see through the pallasite side-to-side. Pendant size: Diameter 1 1/8 inches set in an exceptional, custom-made 14K Gold filigree pendant.

Pendant weight: About 7.9 grams

Outstanding intricate filigree pattern in 14K gold. "Say it with a fantastic meteorite - beautiful gifts from our universe!"

Shipped in an attractive jewelry box with detailed information and Certificate of Authenticity.

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