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Nantan Meteorite 75 grams with Troilite Inclusion

Nantan Meteorite with Troilite Inclusion
Nantan Meteorite with Troilite Inclusion
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Product Description

Nantan Meteorite with Troilite Inclusion
This 75 gram Nantan iron meteorite has been polished and given a protective coat to inhibit oxidation. Cleaned meteorite specimens, such as this one, will sometimes show in 3-D the tetrahedral structure usually only seen in the 2-D Widmanstatten figures on a polished and etched face.

It has been difficult to determine when this meteorite fell to Earth. Its strewn field was scattered for some 17 miles near the city of Nantan, Nandan County, Guangxi (China), from where it got its name. The meteorite fragments were not retrieved until the 1950s when they were initially used for smelting. The percentage of nickel content made it unsuitable for smelting purposes and now it is used primarily for meteorite collections, as a collectible.

The troilite inclusion is along almost one entire side of this meteorite. Size: 39mm H x 35 mm W x 30mm D; Weight: 75 grams.

Great addition to any serious meteorite collection!

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, tag and information. Stands and cube not included.

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