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Gemstone Fossil and Geological Jewelry

Gemstone Fossil Earthstone Jewelry
Gemstone Fossil and Geological Jewelry

We have Meteorite, Mammoth Ivory, Lightning Sand, Titanic Coal, Precious Stones and a range of other jewelry for sale at KennedyCoJewelry!

If it is "special, attractive, and very unique" that you want in jewelry, you have come to the right place! If you are looking for a gift that he or she does not already have, you can truly find it here at KennedyCoJewelry.

The jewelry offered is done exclusively by the well-known and skilled jewelry artisan, Sarah Kennedy. Sarah takes a range of exquisite, natural materials and creates "legendary jewelry" using sterling silver and 14k gold. Each of the pieces is different and skillfully adorned in precious metals with tasteful accents. Each piece comes in an attractive jewelry box with information and authenticity.

All of our jewelry is made in the USA!


Megalodon Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace Jewelry Men XL
Regular price: $365.00
Sale price: $320.00
Anasazi Pottery Jewelry Pendant Sterling Silver
Regular price: $245.00
Sale price: $200.00
Moonstone Garnet 14k Gold Pendant Jewelry
Regular price: $660.00
Sale price: $620.00
Agate Eye Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold
Regular price: $495.00
Sale price: $395.00
Topaz Jewelry Baby Blue Color Pendant 14k Gold
Regular price: $495.00
Sale price: $420.00
Elegant Paua Shell Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold
Regular price: $420.00
Sale price: $365.00
Cherry Creek Jasper Jewelry Sterling Silver
Fire Agate Jewelry Pendant 14k Gold
Ammonite Pendant Jewelry Sterling Silver
Ancient Evenings Cave Jewelry 14k Gold Citrine Accent
Regular price: $625.00
Sale price: $550.00
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