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Murchison Meteorite Oldest Material Found on Earth

Murchison Meteorite Australia
Murchison Meteorite Australia
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Murchison Meteorite Australia
The Murchison meteorite is a carbonaceous chondrite. These are generally believed to be remnants of spent comets. There is conclusive evidence that water once flowed through them. Murchison meteorite fell to Earth on September 28, 1969, scattering fragments across pastures near Murchison, Victoria, Australia. This meteorite contains more left-handed than right-handed versions of certain amino acids. In Earth’s biological systems only the left-handed forms are used. The original reason for this anomaly for the Murchison meteorite is not known. The relationship between these amino acids and Earthly life is an ongoing debate among scientists in regards to the theory of panspermia. Although astronomical processes have been hypothesized, no non-biological process is known to produce this asymmetry. Also, analyses of isotopic ratios showed that the excess of left-handed amino acids in the meteorite was not the result of earthly contamination. Following the birth of the Solar System, carbonaceous meteorite “falls” would have been common on all terrestrial planets. Consequently, nucleobases delivered to these worlds together with sugar- related species and amino acids might have been beneficial to the origin of life on Earth, Mars, or elsewhere.

To date, Murchison meteorite is the oldest material found on Earth with an age date of 7 BYA.

Size: 5mm W X 5 mm L X 3mm D. Weight: .047 grams.

Ships with tag, tag stand, display case, Certificate of Authenticity and information about the Murchison meteorite. White circular stand base is not included. Legally obtained from a scientific institution.

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