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Rainbow Moonstone Garnet Jewelry 14k Gold

Moonstone Garnet 14k Gold Jewelry
Moonstone Garnet 14k Gold Jewelry
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Product Description

Rainbow Moonstone Garnet Jewelry 14k Gold

This piece is simply spectacular! The legend of the moonstone is eternal, and the deep red color of garnet accentuates its natural exquisite beauty. This rainbow moonstone contains shimmering colors and has high quality natural radiance.

Wire wrapped in a cosmic swirl design by KennedyCo Jewelry.

Size: 2" L X 1" W X 3/8" D

Chain not included.

Rich in history and tradition, moonstone is associated with mystery, magic, dreams and fertility. Most moonstones come from Sri Lanka, but they can also be found in the United States, India, Brazil, Australia, Myanmar and Madagascar.

Garnet is the January birthstone and has had a place in history for centuries as a gemstone, talisman or sacred stone. Garnets were historically thought to be able to stop bleeding, protect against poison and provide prosperity, it is no wonder this gemstone has remained popular and important for so long. Almandine garnets are the most common and frequently used gem. The red, faceted, fiery color is displayed in the brilliant cut.

Only one available. Guaranteed Authentic: Jensan Scientifics, LLC Ships with a Certificate of Authenticity and an attractive quality velvet jewelry box.