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Meteorites for Sale Cosmic Rocks from Space

Meteorites for Sale Rocks from Space
Meteorites are cosmic rocks from space. The universe has all different types of elements, stars, space dust and even space rocks. These rocks that have crashed to earth come from asteroids, comets, other planets, and collisions outside our solar system before it was even formed. They plunged into our atmosphere and slammed into our planet producing cosmic debris fields on land in the form of meteorites, breccia, impact glass and more!

Sciencemall-usa features meteorites as jewelry and scientific specimens. We offer chondrites, stony irons, carbonaceous chondrites and pallasites.

Serra Pelada Brazilian Meteorite First Amazonian Fall Brazil
Regular price: $395.00
Sale price: $325.00
Large Nantan Meteorite Slice Hand Specimen 4 Troilite Inclusions
Regular price: $1,350.00
Sale price: $720.00
Historic Cape York Meteorite for Sale Greenland
Regular price: $420.00
Sale price: $365.00
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