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Archaeology Akkadian Mesopotamia Clay Tablet Reproduction Nippur (Iraq)

Mesopotamia Cuneiform Clay Writing Tablet Reproduction Iraq
Mesopotamia Cuneiform Clay Writing Tablet Reproduction Iraq
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Product Description

This is a reproduction of a Mesopotamian cuneiform clay writing tablet, from the mid 13th century BC. The original was excavated at the archaeological site of Nippur (Iraq) at the turn of the last century. It was written in the Akkadian language of Mesopotamia, with the subject being a delivery of a large order of beer and beer related products. The University of Pennsylvania Museum is home to the original.

Imagine a hot sunny day 3700 years ago, in the city of Nippur. Even in ancient times beer making was quite a lucrative venture. Merchants would settle their accounts with their vendors using cuneiform writing tablets. It is the same today as in times 3700 years ago, reading and writing was important to prosperity and success. In this case it was to used to keep a record of sales. Cuneiform writing and tablets were very popular and used by five spoken languages over the 3000 years it was in use.

The front of this cuneiform tablet reproduction is a ledger for beer and beer bread. The reverse side of the tablet states: (in the) month of Ululu the 29th day the 25th year (of an unnamed king) (scribe:) Mr. Usat-Gula.

Tablet size: 1 1/2" W X 1 1/4" H V 5/8" D", Display box size: 5 1/2" W X 4 1/4" H X 3/4" D. Ships with the original detailed card information, display box and artwork. Stand included. This is a professional cast resin reproduction.

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