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Authentic Carcharodon Megalodon Jewelry Shark Tooth Necklace Large

Large Megalodon Shark Tooth Necklace
Large Megalodon Shark Tooth Necklace
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Product Description

Large Megalodon Shark Tooth Necklace
This premium Carcharocles Megalodon shark tooth pendant necklace jewelry has it all! It is a larger tooth with deep rich color tones, beautifully dressed along side stainless steel wire and very attractive artsy silver bail. Top grade megalodon shark tooth, dark, polished, no restorations.

If getting a great shark tooth necklace someday is on your list for epic jewelry - you need not look any farther!

Why a Megalodon shark tooth? It is the most impressive shark that has ever lived on our planet. The Megalodon is a close relative of the great white shark and the origin of the species is reported to be the early Miocene, about 23 million years ago. Swiss naturalist Louis Agassiz gave the shark its initial scientific name, Carcharodon megalodon, in 1835.

This Megalodon shark tooth is 2 5/8" L X 2 1/4" W X 3/8" D. The pendant size is: 3 1/4" L X 2 1/4" W. Premium grade. (Model picture is not to scale.)

This Megalodon shark tooth pendant necklace ships with a quality jewelry box, information about megalodons and Certificate of Authenticity. Your choice of length of chain included: 22" 24" 26" 28" 30"

Great choice for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas - or because you have always wanted something this cool!

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