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Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace 14k Large Rope Coin Mount

Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace 14k Gold Large - Sold!
Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace 14k Gold Large - Sold!
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Meteorite Jewelry Pendant Necklace 14k Gold Large - Sold!
This is one of the "ultimates" in meteorite jewelry! The meteorite in this pendant is called NWA 869 (North West Africa). It has sprinkles of silver metallic flakes with small white and brown intermixed tiny patterns, forming a recognizable outline of an all-natural letter "B" on the front face. This meteorite is known for its beauty and diversity, and is among the prettiest class of chondrite meteorites. It has been professionally hand cut to fit this coin mount 14k gold cabochon setting. The meteorite was discovered in 1999 near Tindouf, Algeria, Africa.

Size: 2" L" X 1 1/2" W X 1/8" D, 14k Gold

The front face side has been coated to help you see the natural beauty of the meteorite. The back side has has been left uncoated so you can see what the meteorite looks like naturally. Either side can be worn facing outward.

Arrives in an attractive crushed velvet jewelry case with information and Certificate of Authenticity.

So if your first or last name begins with a "B" or your a Bieber or a "Babe" this would be the once in a lifetime meteorite jewelry for you!

Rocks from space. It just really doesn't get any Better than this.

Chain not included. The price of gold keeps going up.

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