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Pallasite Meteorite Jewelry for Sale

Pallasites are the most beautiful form of meteorite jewelry! The mixture of crystalline yellow to green olivine (peridot gem) is naturally embedded in an iron Widmanstätten pattern matrix, which becomes apparent when the meteorite is etched. They are often referred to as "celestial stained glass!" This Seymchan meteorite jewelry is the "very best" in class for outstanding meteorite jewelry!

The name "pallasite" came from the name of the German naturalist Peter Simon Pallas, who first took interest in pallasites and described it in his writings, in 1772. Most meteorites are derived from the cores of ancient proto-planets that were destroyed around 4.5 billion years ago by catastrophic impact events during the formation of our early Solar System. Fiery space rocks have traveled across our skies to impact our Earth, and they make some of the most outstanding jewelry in the world!

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