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Meteorites Cosmic Rocks from Space

Meteorites for Sale
Meteorites are cosmic rocks from space. The universe has all different types of elements, stars, space dust and even rocks. These rocks that have crashed to earth come from asteroids, comets, other planets, and collisions outside our solar system before it was even formed. They skipped and even plunged into our atmosphere and slammed into our planet producing cosmic debris fields on land.

Now you can own a piece of our wild cosmos with meteorites from all different parts of our universe.

Sciencemall-usa features meteorites as jewelry and scientific specimens. We offer chondrites, stony irons, carbonaceous chondrites and pallasites.

Meteorite Study Set Boxed Collection
Regular price: $69.95
Sale price: $59.95
Murchison Meteorite for Sale Murchison Victoria Australia
Regular price: $175.00
Sale price: $165.00
Cape York Meteorite for Sale Greenland
Regular price: $320.00
Sale price: $295.00
Meteorites! Rocks from Space Collection Collectible
Regular price: $55.00
Sale price: $45.00
Serra Pelada Brazilian Meteorite First Amazonian Fall Brazil
Regular price: $320.00
Sale price: $265.00
Hoba Meteorite Iron Shale Namibia
Regular price: $285.00
Sale price: $235.00
Wabar Iron Meteorite Impact Crater Saudi Arabia - New!
Tunguska Wood for Sale
Regular price: $145.00
Sale price: $125.00
Wabar Glass Impactite
Regular price: $220.00
Sale price: $199.95
Authentic Tunguska Wood For Sale
Regular price: $169.95
Sale price: $145.00
Large Nantan Meteorite Slice Hand Specimen 712 grams
Regular price: $1,350.00
Sale price: $899.95
Millbillillie Meteorite For Sale - Sold!
Regular price: $285.00
Sale price: $260.00
Campo del Cielo Exotic Meteorite Premier Sculpturing
Regular price: $65.00
Sale price: $49.95
Kofelsite Glass Impactite
Regular price: $85.00
Sale price: $65.00
Plainview Meteorite for Sale
Regular price: $350.00
Sale price: $285.00
Lunar Anorthosite Display Plaque Tag
Regular price: $199.95
Sale price: $185.00
Authentic Tunguska Wood
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $159.95
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