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Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite Jewelry Stainless Steel Avant-Garde Style

Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite Jewelry Stainless Steel Avant-Garde Style - Sold!
Campo del Cielo Iron Meteorite Jewelry Stainless Steel Avant-Garde Style - Sold!
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Product Description

This Campo del Cielo iron meteorite jewelry is wire wrapped in stainless steel. The Avant-Garde Style free-flowing hand wrapped design is accented with a conservative yet artistic style sterling silver bail.

This naturally flattened and gently twisted iron meteorite is just the right size and proportion for the best in well-designed men and women cosmic jewelry. The multi-toned colored iron meteorite pairs extremely well with the other two metals used to accent it. The gunmetal facings of both the front and the back of the meteorite reflects light well off its many surfaces, and the overall effect is one of both mystery and beauty. This meteorite jewelry is quality through and through!

Meteorites are among the greatest sojourners in our solar system that we can actually hold in our hands. Traveling untold distances, they circle the sun with us until gravity and timing eventually allows them to make their way to our planet's surface. They carve out a niche from infinity and spur our imagination. Meteorites force us to gaze outwards from our humble planet with searching eyes and minds, in our effort to forge even the slightest grasp of comprehension of what the universe is all about.

The Campo del Cielo meteorites are found in a distribution of about 26 different craters scattered across the northern part of the South American country of Argentina. Through analysis, the Campo del Cielo meteorites are estimated to have fallen to earth around 2,2002,700 BC. The native inhabitants first named the meteorites Piguem Nonralta and used them for weapons, tools and probably also trading. The Spanish explorers that arrived to the region in the 1570s later translated what the natives called the meteorite into its now more familiar name, "Campo del Cielo" or "field of the sky." Primitive stories gave rise to an incredible "rainstorm," when the heavens opened up and pelted the earth's surface with these crusaders from space, their probably millions of years journey now complete.

This distinctive meteorite pendant necklace is professionally shipped in an attractive quality jewelry box with information and Certificate of Authenticity. Jewelry with a story meteorite gifts makes a great gift for these occasions: birthdays, graduation, special vacation, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, end of summer, back to school, special friends, and Christmas. An heirloom gift for generations!

Pendant size: 2" L X 1 1/4" W X 3/8" D, Weight: 26 grams; The chain type is a 20", 1/8" thick black cord with a lobster claw clasp.

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