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Authentic Manganese Nodules 6 lb bag

Authentic Manganese Nodules 6 lbs Bag
Authentic Manganese Nodules 6 lbs Bag
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Product Description

Authentic Manganese Nodules 6 lbs Bag
Authentic Manganese Nodules 6 lb bag

The nodules range in size from about 3/8" to about 3/4". About 300-450 pieces per bag. Durably double bagged.

Collection Site: Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone

Largest Quantity Available; Lowest Price

Ruler not included.

Rare metals and important elements have been found in manganese nodules discovered on various ocean floor systems throughout the world. The following elements have been demonstrated to be present: manganese, iron, silicon, aluminum, nickel, copper, cobalt, oxygen, hydrogen, barium, potassium, titanium, sodium and traces of a few others. The estimated age of these nodules is approximately 2.5 million years old. Many of the nodules that we have for sale have folds and mammilated (knobby) surfaces that are irregular to smooth in shape and size.

Our manganese nodules were obtained in a scientific materials trade with a university, in 1993. They were originally "mined" by a scientific research expedition vessel to the Pacific Ocean, in 1979, in conjunction with a major university.

These nodules ship with a Certificate of Authenticity and informational tag.

Here is an opportunity to improve your scientific collection with one of the greatest geological wonders from the ocean floor.

More information can be found at:

A professional XRF elemental assay metallurgical laboratory printout analysis is included with this order.

Ruler and box not included. Ships double bagged with a zip lock seal. FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING (2-3 days) IN THE USA!