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Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand

Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand
Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand
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Product Description

Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand

This beautiful white fulgurite looks like a ghost or someone holding its arms up to spook you. Very cute and adorable. An awesome stoke of lightning worked its way through the sand to create this really unique looking fulgurite.

The name “fulgurites” is derived from the Latin word fulgur, meaning “thunderbolt.” Often referred to as “petrified lightning,” fulgurites are naturally hollowed tubes with sealed glass lining the interior of the tubes. Lightning can strike sand, silica, or soil to create a variety of colors, shapes and grain sizes, to form fulgurites in various places around the world.

The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand: Promotes Good Luck, Success, Serendipity and Creativity.

An all natural glass interior, tubed, with a naturally created welded sand exterior. Grade A+++.

Size: 2 1/2" Long, 1 1/2" Wide, 1/2" D

Location: New Zealand

This is the real lightning sand fulgurite of movies and legends.

Ships with information and Certificate of Authenticity in a see-through display case. Guaranteed authentic. Lightning sand fulgurites are among the world’s top 5 most unique gifts.

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