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Authentic Fulgurite Kalahari Desert

Authentic Lightning Sand Fulgurite Kalahari
Authentic Lightning Sand Fulgurite Kalahari
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Product Description

Authentic Lightning Sand Kalahari Desert, Africa, Gray-Red

Fulgurite - Lightning Fused sand! Really interestingly formed piece. An all natural glass interior, with a naturally created welded sand exterior. An all natural specimen. A rare specimen for lightning-fused sand. Grade A++.

Size: About 1 3/4" Long, 3/4" Wide, 1/2" D Weight, 2.2 grams

Delicate natural glass sculpture created by the brief stroke of a billion-volt lightning bolt! Fulgurites make the most remarkable sound when tapped gently - a wind-chime sort of ring that's different with each sample. Grayish-red in color and comes with info about how it was formed.

Ships with information and certificate of authenticity in a see-through display case.

This is the real stuff of movies, and is legendary in many ways. The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand: Promotes Good Luck, Success, Serendipity and Creativity.

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