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Lichtenberg Figures and Science Novelty Geek Gifts

Lichtenberg Figures Science Novelty Geek Gifts
We sell an assortment of science novelty geek gifts and Lichtenberg figures.

Lichtenberg Figures are branching, tree-like fractal patterns that are created by inducing high voltage electrical discharges inside clear acrylic bases. We used the powerful linear accelerator (LINAC) with its beam of high-energy electrons approaching 95% of the speed of light in order to do this. As the electron beam travels through the acrylic surface, they tumble and cascade through the material creating a highly artistic, lightning bolt shaped, tree-like fractal patterns. The discharge paths within acrylic leave a permanent record of the beams passage as it melts and fractures the polymer along the way. The process is similar to how lightning discharges at the earth's surface, leaving behind a fern-like pattern in its "grounding" effect.

Every Lichtenberg Figure is unique and exhibits distinctive branching patterns like that often found in various forms in nature. The first Lichtenberg Figures were two-dimensional patterns discovered by their namesake, Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799). Most Lichtenberg Figures exhibit tree-like or fern-like structures that possess a high degree of self-similarity at various scales of magnification. The figure’s self-similar structure can be modeled by a branch of mathematics called Fractal Geometry. The art, beauty and form of these fractal paths are best featured and Illuminated with an LED light base. Their features are set aglow and are best exhibited by using LED lights that provide a variety of colors.

Lichtenberg figures offer great entertainment and enjoyment as unique science gifts and artistic novel objects for home decor, office, studios and more! Come shop with us and see the variety of forms they take on with various LED light bases, that are provided with every order!

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