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Authentic Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver

Authentic Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver
Authentic Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver
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Product Description

Authentic Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver

This superb gemstone has been polished by the desert winds and has light ripple marks and see-thru unique embedded speckles.

Very nice straw yellow color and beauty with character!

Great wire wrap design with elegance!

6.5 grams; Size: 2 1/4" L X 1" W X 1/4" D

WHAT IS LIBYAN DESERT GLASS? Scientists think that Libyan Desert Glass was naturally created by the high heat impact conditions of a comet, meteorite or asteroid hitting the sand in the Libyan desert. The searing temperatures caused the sand to vaporize and then fuse into these beautiful droplets of glass. When this impact event occurred there was literally a rain of golden droplets of glass from the sky! This unique glass was found in King Tut's tomb and is the centerpiece in his breastplate. It has been used in art, jewelry and trade for centuries.

This Libyan Desert Glass has been custom set in beautiful sterling silver, hand wire wrapped, open cosmic design. The remnants of a small portion of the material from the meteorite impact is embedded in its interior and can clearly be seen when held up to the light!

Libyan Desert Glass Lore: These stones have been carved and made into jewelry for centuries. They carry tremendous energy, like moldavites and Tibetan tektites. There was a tremendous amount of force involved in meteorite impacts and explosions. The searing heat fusing the glass particles and the explosive, raw energy that was used to create this exotic gemstone makes it quite unlike other any other gemstones in its class! The distinctive yellow beauty and the exotic embedded material from the impact is easy to see when it is held up to the light. Libyan Desert glass activates creative energy and a positive, enthusiastic spirit.

Makes a great gift! Can be worn for casual, fashion or evening wear.

Ships in an attractive jewelry case with information about Libyan Desert glass and a Certificate of Authenticity. 18" quality sterling silver chain included!

Collected before 1970.

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