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Libyan Desert Glass Sunburst Ventifact Cabochon Sterling Silver

Libyan Desert Glass Sunburst Ventifact Cabochon Sterling Silver
Libyan Desert Glass Sunburst Ventifact Cabochon Sterling Silver
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Product Description

Libyan Desert Glass Sunburst Ventifact Cabochon Sterling Silver
The Libyan Desert Glass in this jewelry has been naturally carved by the Libyan Desert winds for 26 million years. We found this great sunburst cabochon setting that was cast in sterling silver and set an all-natural, unpolished, trimmed to size piece of Libyan Desert Glass in it. The results are spectacular and the ventifact nature of the glass with its great straw-yellow color can be easily seen.

The Egyptians were probably among the first to discover Libyan Desert Glass and used it creatively for adornment and jewelry. They also carved it into the form of a scarab which was then placed as the centerpiece in one of the breastplates for the young Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamun.

This 26 million year old glass is so extraordinary that upon scientific examination it was found to be filled with nano-diamonds, iridium, traces of chondrite meteorite and other geological signatures of an apparent meteoritic impact. A bolide or comet struck the sand, heated it to temperatures hot enough to melt and fuse it, while ejecting it into the air. As it cooled, the glass particles fused into these golden droplets were scattered across the desert floor of that region.

We have fashioned this beautiful, froth-like yellow gemstone into fine cosmic jewelry. Found by bedouins and explorers, it has made its way to us to create jewelry fit for royalty!

Size: 1"W X 1 1/2"L X 1/4"D, Makes exceptional casual or evening wear.

Ships in an attractive quality jewelry box with information about Libyan Desert Glass and a Certificate of Authenticity. An adjustable 16-18" sterling silver chain is included!

A great historical remnant of this cosmic encounter when the heavens touched the earth!

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