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Very Large Libyan Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Very Large Libyan Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
Very Large Libyan Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
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Product Description

Very Large Libyan Glass Jewelry Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
This is a very large, straw colored yellow Libyan Desert Glass arrowhead shaped pendant necklace. This all natural glass created by an asteroid impact has been hand wire wrapped in sterling silver and accented with a distinctive leaf style sterling silver bail. The size is large and it makes great casual or evening wear.

Size: 3 1/8"L X 1 1/2" W X 1/2" D; 31 grams; Beautiful sturdy 20" sterling silver chain included!

Libyan Desert glass is the ejected, melted and then cooled coalesced sand droplets that are the result of an asteroid, comet, or meteorite space rock impacting the Libyan Desert 26 million years ago. From that event, the heavens rained backed to earth these all-natural shimmering droplets only found in the Libyan Desert.

This exotic space jewelry is a historical reminder of the heated, tortured sand that formed and coalesced into these yellow glass droplets which are now considered to be both a gemstone and impact glass.

Archaeologically, it was so valued by the ancient Egyptians to be placed as the centerpiece gemstone on the breastplate for the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

This beautiful Libyan Desert Glass is custom wire wrapped in sterling silver and ships in an attractive jewelry case with information and Certificate of Authenticity.

The perfect astronomical jewelry for the intrepid explorer or world adventurer!

Libyan Desert Glass Lore: These stones have been carved and made into jewelry for centuries. They carry tremendous energy, like moldavites and Tibetan tektites. The distinctive yellow beauty and the exotic embedded material from the impact is easy to see when this glass is held up to the light. Libyan Desert glass activates creative energy and a positive, enthusiastic spirit. It is grounding and helps with anxiety and stress.

Collected before 1970.

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