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K-T or K-Pg Boundary Iridium Hill, Montana Large

K-T Boundary or K-Pg Boundary Iridium Hill, Montana - New, Large
K-T Boundary or K-Pg Boundary Iridium Hill, Montana - New, Large
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K-T Boundary or K-Pg Boundary Iridium Hill, Montana - New, Large
This is K-T or K-Pg Boundary from Iridium Hill, Montana. This boundary is the premier geological signature for the spike detected for the element iridium, which is found in a range of varying intensities from K-Pg boundary around the world.

K-Pg boundary (or what was formerly called K-T boundary) all have higher levels of iridium than what we would normally find in everyday earth rocks. The crater which formed from the asteroid impact event is partially buried below the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, and extends offshore into the Gulf of Mexico. This event occurred about 66 million years ago. The crater's center is located near the town of Chicxulub, after which it is named. A definitive scientific correlation has been made between the impact of the asteroid that caused the Chicxulub event and the extinction of the dinosaurs (except for the birds).

It is thought that an asteroid big enough to scatter the estimated amount of iridium discerned in the worldwide spike at the K-Pg boundary locations had to have probably been about 6 miles across.

This specimen was collected at the K-Pg boundary at Iridium Hill, Montana.

Size: 70 H X 50mm W X 21mm D; Weight: 75.2 grams

Ships with tag, Certificate of Authenticity and a detailed information sheet about K-Pg boundary.

Obtained in a materials trade with a geological institution. LAST ONE.