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KT Boundary Iridium Hill, Montana Large

KT Boundary Iridium Hill, Montana - Sold!
KT Boundary Iridium Hill, Montana - Sold!
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KT Boundary Iridium Hill, Montana - Sold!
K-T Boundary Iridium Hill Montana

KT Boundary or K-Pg boundary, the geological dating will continue to evolve as we discover more about earth's fascinating history. Scientists have found that the levels of the element iridium vary in intensity from K-Pg boundaries around the world. They all do have elevated amounts then what we normally would find in everyday earth rocks. The association between the impact of a meteorite/comet at Chixculub and the K-Pg boundary has been established in only about the last couple of decades. It is thought that an asteroid big enough to scatter the estimated amount of iridium in the worldwide spike at the K-Pg boundary may have been about 6 miles across.

Scientists have become increasingly interested in a thin layer of clay that neatly separates layers of rock laid down in the Cretaceous Period (when the dinosaurs roamed the earth) from layers deposited during the Pg Period (the time after they died). Although this layer of clay is called the K/Pg Boundary, there have been exposures of it found in multiple locations around the world.

This specimen was collected at Iridium Hill, Montana. It was obtained in a scientific trade of materials.

Size: 41mm H X 40mm W X 22mm D

Ships with tag, Certificate of Authenticity and information about the specimen.

Only 1 available. Stands and cube not included.