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Kofelsite Glass Impactite

Kofelsite Glass Impactite
Kofelsite Glass Impactite
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Product Description

Kofelsite Glass Impactite

The glass-bearing rocks from Koefels, Tyrol, have been petrologically examined and have been found to contain lechatelierite and feldspar glasses. Geological tests indicate that temperatures were present far above those common for igneous processes at the time of formation, to form the kofelsite. The presence of the tomorphic quartz, maskelynite and multiple sets of planar features in quartz and feldspars strongly indicates shock metamorphism. At present these features can only be explained by a meteoritic impact origin of the “Köfelsite” and the Köfels structure.

Other theories have been presented as to the process of its formation. A different interpretation of how the kofelsite was formed gives rise to the idea that such temperatures and deformation can be produced through the action of an extreme landslide. Landslides events are known to occur throughout the world and the friction generated between static and moving rocks can create enough heat to fuse rocks to form "frictionite" or hyalomylonite. Extreme events in mountain relief destruction in the Himalayas, India, are a good example of this.

Sturzstroms (German for "fall stream") are a unique kind of landslide that creates great horizontal and vertical drop. The rock and soil of this material flows similarly to that of glaciers, lavas, and mudflows. Such geological actions have been found on other bodies in the Solar System, particularly Mars, Venus, Io, Phobos and the Moon.

More research is needed to finalize whether or not the combination of some geological events such as landslide, earthquake and vertical shifting is enough to produce lechatelierite, feldspar glasses, and planarally deformed quartz. It is also entirely plausible that such giant landslide events could have been triggered by meteoritic impact(s).

Specimen size: 42mm H X 30mm W X 19mm D

Ships with COA, information and display case. Stands and cube not included.

This material was obtained from a rare geological collection.


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