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K-T Boundary Wyoming Large Display Specimen 130 grams

K-Pg  K-T Boundary Wyoming 130 grams
K-Pg K-T Boundary Wyoming 130 grams
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K-Pg  K-T Boundary Wyoming 130 grams
This is an excellent display specimen of K-T or what is now called the K-Pg boundary, from Wyoming. These are premier geological locations that have a specific layering of rocks that mark an important event in geological time. They are found in a range of varying intensities of the element iridium at different sites around the world. The iridium levels from these locations are higher than what we would normally find in everyday Earth rocks.

This thin band of rocks owes its occurrence to the Chixculub event or asteroid impact that happened about 66 million years ago. These layers mark the transition from the end of the Cretaceous Period and the beginning of the Paleogene Period, and are separated by K-Pg material - which marks the end of the age of the dinosaurs.

The crater which formed from this mass extinction asteroid impact event is partially buried below the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, and extends offshore into the Gulf of Mexico. The crater's center is located near the town of Chicxulub, after which it is named. A definitive scientific correlation has been made between the impact of the asteroid that caused the Chicxulub event and the extinction of the dinosaurs (except for the birds). This event is also associated with three-quarters of the plant and animal species becoming extinct, as well.

This is a large specimen which was collected at the K-Pg boundary, near Newcastle, Wyoming. The Lance Formation is labelled at the bottom and is denoted by the Cretaceous label. The K-Pg Boundary layer above that and the uppermost portion of this same deposit contains a white pellet of kaolinitic claystone. The top layer, above the K-Pg boundary, is labelled the Paleocene, and is the bottom of the Fort Union Formation. (Note: The uppermost Cretaceous Lance formation is equivalent to the Hell Creek Formation, in Montana).

Size of K-Pg specimen: 120 mm L X 43 mm W X 22mm D; Weight: 130 grams

Size of Display Case: 8 1/4" L X 6 1/8" W X 2" D

This K-Pg boundary material ships in the Riker display case (shown) with information, Certificate of Authenticity, tag and tag stand. Information about the K-Pg boundary is also included. Specimen stands are not included but easily available. Photo cube not included.

Own a great piece of "extinction rock" for your collection from one the world's most incredible geologic events! Only a few available.

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