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K-Pg Boundary North Dakota

K-Pg Boundary North Dakota
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K-Pg Boundary North Dakota, Sioux County

The famous K-Pg Boundary is scattered throughout the world. This boundary contains a higher concentration of iridium than terrestrial materials. High amounts of iridium are considered to be the "signature" for asteroid impact, and is especially linked to the time of the demise of the age of dinosaurs. The original impact crater’s origin is Chicxulub, off the Yucatan peninsula.

North Dakota K-Pg anomalies are about 0.72 ppb.

Size: 1/2" W X 5/8" H X 3/4" D, Weight: 8.2 grams

Shipped with information about the importance of the specimen and Certificate of Authenticity, tag. Cube not included.

Collected by a geological professional, circa 2014.

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