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Johnstown Meteorite for Sale

Johnstown Meteorite
Johnstown Meteorite
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Johnstown Meteorite
Johnstown Meteorite with Fusion Crust!

Size: 31 mm L X 21mm W X 2mm D, Weight: 2.5 grams; Diogenite; Colorado, USA; Find/ Fall July 6, 1924; Total Known Weight: 40.3 kg

This is a superb specimen with all the fine qualities for Johnstown, including some fusion crust.

The Johnstown Meteorite was observed to fall at 4:20 in the afternoon of July, 6 1924. The area of Johnstown, Colorado, was shocked by four explosions followed by a rain of meteorite stones. Twenty-seven meteorites were recovered with a total weight of approximately 40.3 kilograms.

The Johnstown meteorite is a member of the diogenite class of achondrite meteorites. The class name says it all. It has a large portion of its makeup as the mineral diogenite. It is the D of the HED family of achondrites that came from the asteroid Vesta.

Johnstown is a very attractive meteorite loaded with beautiful yellow-green crystals. Rarely seen for sale.

Ships with Certificate of Authenticity and tag in a secure display case. Originally purchased from the meteorite dealer Al Lang. Stands and cube not included.

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