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Hoba Meteorite "Iron Shale" Namibia

Hoba Meteorite Iron Shale Namibia
Hoba Meteorite Iron Shale Namibia
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Product Description

Hoba Meteorite Iron Shale Namibia
The Hoba meteorite is famous, and it has the distinction of being the largest naturally occurring intact iron on our planet! It is also the largest massive meteorite on Earth. It is located in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia. It has been uncovered but because it is so large, has never been moved from where it fell. It weighs more than 60 tons and is thought to have fallen to Earth about 80,000 years. It is classified as an iron-nickel meteorite - ataxite. It was once much larger than 66 tons when it landed, due to weathering. No crater is present, which suggests that it entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a lower rate of speed than is typically expected.

The meteorite is embedded in a white, soft and porous, surface limestone (Kalahari Kalk) from which it is separated by a layer one foot thick in thickness of laminated "iron-shale.” This material contains the eroded and weathered version of the meteorite and contains actual portions of the original Hoba meteorite.

This specimen was a part of a scientific estate collection and does ship with the original tag of the British Museum that came with it, in additional to the tag presented on the tag stand, pictured. It was collected by Dr.L.J. Spencer, of the British Museum, with the date 1929. COA provided.

Size: 21mm W X 20 mm H X 8mm D, Weight: 1.77 grams.

Acrylic square base and photo cube not included.

Here is an opportunity to make your meteorite collection much more interesting, with this historic specimen!

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