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Glossopteris Fossil Antarctica Leaves Imprints Stems

Glossopteris Fossil Antarctica Leaves Imprints Stems
Glossopteris Fossil Antarctica Leaves Imprints Stems
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Glossopteris Fossil Antarctica Leaves Imprints Stems
Glossopteris is a name that is famous among geologists. Their fossils were found in many locations on several continents and Glossopteris planted in the mind of Eduard Suess the first idea of Gondwanaland. Eventually it helped support ideas of continental drift, plate tectonics, and the super continent Gondwanaland.

The name Glossopteris was first mentioned by the French geologist Adolphe Brongniart, in 1828. The name means "tongue fern" however it actually turned out to have been a tree which grew to about 26 feet high, and though appearing fern like, produced seeds.

Unique to Gondwanaland were dense forests of Glossopteris, which were shaped like Christmas pines. They grew to within 20 degrees of the South Pole where there was just two seasons: one of complete darkness, the other of low light. Different from today's world, their growth rings showed that these trees responded vigorously to what growth could be had in those short six months of faint light.

These fossil plants have been found in many locations in Antarctica. Because of their wide diversity in venations patterns they are difficult to assign by species. Glossopteris went extinct at the close of the Permian, along with most other lifeforms during the greatest mass extinction our planet, so far, has ever seen.

Size: 73mm L X 50mm W X 11mm D. Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, tag and protective case. Tag and tag stand included. Photo cube not included. Obtained in a materials trade with a scientific institution. Exceedingly rare. Only one.

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