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Genuine Quality Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Bushy"

Genuine Quality Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Bushy"
Genuine Quality Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Bushy"
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Genuine Quality Fulgurite Lightning Sand "Bushy"

All natural glass interior, with a naturally created welded sand exterior. This fulgurite is an all-natural specimen. Very cute with little bushy arms. Looking at some sides it reminds us of a Christmas tree or bush. The difference between fine art and nature's natural creative process - lightning fused sand - is that nature is much better at creating things of beauty.

This classic fulgurite is one that everyone tries to find. It has so much character, charm and shape! It is the real stuff of movies and legends! Makes a wonderful decorative piece or an inspired gift for any nature lover who enjoys the creative genius of the flash of a lightning bolt across a dark sky.

Size: 1 5/8" L X 1" W X 1/2" D, Weight: 2.8 grams

Location: Florida

Shipped in a display case with Certificate of Authenticity and information. Base/stand shown is not included.

The Lore and Folk History of Lightning Sand: Promotes Good Luck, Success, Serendipity and Creativity.


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