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Fulgurite Glass Art
We now have available fulgurite lightning sand as flowers in "bouquet vases." What a beautiful way to say "I Love You" or show how much you really care with the best flower bouquet you will ever get!

Forever in bloom, captured lightning sand fulgurite under a glass vase dome makes a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Various colored flower types and fulgurite shapes blend together to make a memorable desktop display art sculpture. Last Updated: January 3, 2022

Fulgurite Lightning Sand Glass Domed Display Case Rose Bouquet Flowers
Regular price: $175.00
Sale price: $165.00
"Force of Nature" Lightning Sand Wind Chime X-Large
Regular price: $1,200.00
Sale price: $995.00
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Colorful Flowers Bouquet Vase
Regular price: $195.00
Sale price: $175.00
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Vase Red Rose Miniature Figurine Art
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $165.00
Sunflower Fulgurite Lightning Sand Vase Walnut Domed Art
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $165.00
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Flower Vase Red Flower Pearl Accent
Regular price: $155.00
Sale price: $145.00
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