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Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand - Superb!

Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand Superb! -Sold
Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand Superb! -Sold
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Product Description

Authentic Fulgurite Lightning Sand - Superb! Black-collared circling the top.

Fantastic specimen from Queensland, Australia.

Size: 2 3/8" H X 1 5/8" W X H X 3/4" D, Weight: 20 grams

Shipped in a display case with authenticity. Stands and cube not included.

Comment: Rarely do you see this varied a shape with both white and gray-black mix of color. A tremendous treasure as a specimen that is all natural that is twisted back.

Fulgurites are natural glass sculptures whose shape mimics the path of a lightning bolt as it travels into the ground. The name is derived from the Latin word "fulgur", meaning “thunderbolt.” Often referred to as “petrified lightning,” these naturally hollowed tubes can be made from lightning striking sand, soil, or even bushes and trees to create a variety of different looking fulgurites that can vary in color, shapes and grain sizes. Fulgurites are found in various places around the world. Each lightning cloud to ground bolt can release energy in excess of about 1 billion Joules, hotter than the surface of the sun. Most lightning sand is fragile and is usually found in small pieces.

Fulgurite lightning sand is among the world’s top 5 most unique gifts! The Lore and Folk Esoteric History of Lightning Sand Fulgurites: Promotes Good Luck, Success, Insight, Creativity, and Serendipity.


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