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Fulgurite Lighting Sand Glass Icarus Italy

Fulgurite Lighting Sand Glass "Icarus"
Fulgurite Lighting Sand Glass "Icarus"
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Product Description

Fulgurite Lighting Sand Glass "Icarus"
This is incredible, all natural black fulgurite lightning sand. It is shaped like a wing so it is named "Icarus." Fulgurite lightning sand is among the top 5 most unique gifts in the world. They are formed when a bolt of lightning (with temperatures hotter than the surface of the Sun) strike sand or soil to create naturally lined glass hollow tubes. The outside features of the tube have the original sand grains welded to it. When these tubes break in half they reveal the exotic melted glass within.

Icarus is a character from Greek mythology. He was the son of Daedalus, creator of the labyrinth and a skilled craftsmen. Father and son attempted to leave Crete by constructing wings made of feathers and wax. Icarus was warned by his father to not fly too close to the Sun, which he ignored. His wings melted and as legend has it he drowned in the sea. The common phrase,"don't fly too close to the sun," is thought to have originated from this Greek mythological story.

This fulgurite is beautifully shaped and its edges are draped in such a way to resemble wing feathers. It is called "Black Ice Glass" because it looks like the black ice formed by winter ice storms. The name is a great contrast for both hot and cold.

Fulgurite size: 2 1/2" H X 1 3/4" W X 3/8" D. Location found: Italy

Ships in perky display case with tag, tag stand, Certificate of Authenticity and information. Photo cube not included.

This is the real stuff of Hollywood Legendary movies like "Sweet Home, Alabama."

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