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Fulgurite Lightning Sand Charles Darwin Pernanbuco Brazil

Fulgurite Lightning Sand Charles Darwin Pernanbuco
Fulgurite Lightning Sand Charles Darwin Pernanbuco
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Fulgurite Lightning Sand Charles Darwin Pernanbuco
This fulgurite was found along the coast of Brazil, which borders the Atlantic Ocean, near the town of Recife. According to his journals, Charles Darwin walked along this same shore in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, in August,1836. He stopped off here during the historic voyage of the HMS Beagle. His writings suggest that he found something that looked remarkably like fulgurites, according to his description. As we well know, he was an avid collector of biological and geological specimens.

Geology was actually Darwin's "principal pursuit" and his notes on the subject were copious, almost four times as much as those of his zoology notes. Even though it is uncertain as to what these objects were to Charles Darwin during his lifetime - he knew they were interesting geological forms and today we know them as a testimony to the incredible power lightning striking the ground to create fulgurites.

Color: Gray to light gray to black. This fulgurite has interesting pebbles embedded in its structure.

Shipped in a protective see-through display case with info and Certificate of Authenticity.

Size: 2 7/8 L X 5/8 "W X 1/4"D , 3 grams. Tag and tag stand included. The acrylic 2 X 2" base for this fulgurite is not included but can be easily obtained from Amazon.

This is a great specimen for a diverse, remote geological specimens collection. This specimen came from an old scientific collection.


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