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Authentic "Force of Nature" Lightning Sand Wind Chime Large

"Force of Nature" Lightning Sand Wind Chime X-Large
"Force of Nature" Lightning Sand Wind Chime X-Large
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"Force of Nature" Lightning Sand Wind Chime X-Large
This is one the world's most unique wind chimes! Authentic Force of Nature Wind Chime - 3 large fulgurites, 3 large quartz crystals, with a Sun Moon theme as the center wooden dangle base. Matching bamboo toggle at the base nicely balances the wind chime and contributes to making it the only one of its kind in the world! (see detailed pictures - inset).

This is a really big wind chime! Almost 4 inch Fulgurites with 4 inch Crystal points! The "Force of Nature" Lightning Sand Wind Chime is one of the top unique gifts. The exotic clank of them gently tapping together in the wind is very ethereal and makes for a truly exotic and distinctive gift!

Professionally hand wrapped using weather resistant stainless steel and natural accents.

Elected one of the "World's Most Unique Gifts!" this wind chime is certainly one of THE most exotic wind chimes in the world! This chime inspires "optimism, harmony, and peace."

Diameter of Wind Chime Base: 12" Diameter; Total length of wind chime (from the hanging metal loop at top to the base of the bamboo toggle is about 37.5 inches.

3 Fulgurites about 3- 4 INCHES long each, various colors; Quartz Crystal points about 3-4 long each.

Fulgurites are formed when lighting strikes the sand, releasing one of nature's most power-packed energies. The lightning forms an amorphous glass with temperatures reaching 30,000 degrees Kelvin which is hotter then the surface of the sun (approximately 5,778 K).

Fulgurite lightning sand has been used to create ethereal ambience in many popular movies and are truly mysterious and rare in nature.

About the materials used to create the wind chime: Each of the fulgurites are from different places: Florida, New Zealand and Tasmania. The premium grade quartz crystals are from Arkansas.

The wind chime is called "Force of Nature "because it is decorated with items that were created by nature's force.

The 3 quartz points are accented with a large decorative silver bead followed by three wooden beads, a pearl accent which symbolizes the perfect beauty, harmony and mystery of the sea, with its lacquered hues. Above the pearl is a large nearly oval shaped dragon stone bead. It is as cool as it sounds, too! If magical dragons were real we would imagine their eyes to look like dragon stone with a red back light!

The fulgurites are accented with a large silver drop bead, 3 wooden beads followed by a circular bead of the gemstone carnelian. Carnelian is a warm orange color that feels very silky smooth when touched and has the reputation of being a "worry stone." (Worry stones are rubbed between your fingers and have the reputation of easing stress and tension.)

When the chime gently rocks back in forth in a breeze you can imagine it clearing the air of stress and conflict - and replacing it with an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

The beautiful natural wood oak platform and accents encourage contact between the quartz points and other fulgurites to promote a very unique sound. It is soft, not loud. We use only the sturdiest fulgurites in this product, of which only 1 in about 1,000 fulgurites ever found are use-able in this way. Because of their size, the estimated value of each fulgurite exceeds $150.

The center wooden toggle circle in the middle center of the wind chime is a carved sun on one side and a carved moon on the bottom. It is the perfect accent for this well-balanced themed wind chime!

It takes about 40 hours of labor to assemble one wind chime, start to finish. They are very labor-intensive and professionally wire wrapped and strung.

The Lore and Folk History of Fulgurite Lightning Sand Quartz Wind Chimes: Promotes Good Luck, Success, Serendipity, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Insight, Motivation, Harmony, Peace and a Renewal of Spirit.

This fantastic, mysterious, awesome wind chime is the best one ever!!! Ships with Certificate of Authenticity, professionally packed with accompanying information about the "Force of Nature" wind chime.

Definitely the most remarkable and unusual wind chime in the world!

Because this is a custom item there are no returns.

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