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Fossil Bone Carvings, Sculptures, Home Art Decor

The endless beauty and inspiration of nature directs the artist's hands from across the world to to recreate the fascinating life forms in they see in nature into these inspired sculptures called handmade bone carvings.

We have an assortment of carvings made out of fossilized walrus tusk; fossilized mammoth ivory; water buffalo bone; moose antler and fossilized whalebone that is both imaginative and professionally done by the artisans.

Sculpture, carvings, paintings and crystals have all been involved to create imaginative and colorful art decor. Beautiful, intricate statues and ornate pieces of work have resulted in adding a creative touch and inspiration to homes, gardens and even museums. Great geek gifts for the avid science enthusiast!

Suitable for office, library, study, or general home art decor. Please stop, shop and enjoy!