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Platy Extremophile Dynamic Specimen

Platy Extremophile Old Republic Mine
Platy Extremophile Old Republic Mine
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Product Description

Platy Extremophile Old Republic Mine
Platy Extremophile Dynamic Specimen For Sale

Platy hematite in association with banded iron. Banded iron is the result of microbial action in geothermal vents. Fantastically photogenic specimen. Very nice!

Location: Negaunee Iron Formation, Old Republic Mine, Republic, MI, USA

Age: Precambrian - early Proterozoic; 2.0 - 2.2 billion years old

Size: approx. 55mm H X 36mm W X 13mm D

Ships with COA and information about the geological significance of the specimen.

If you have ever wanted an authentic great extremophile specimen, this is it!

Cube not included.