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Ernest Shackleton Memorabilia Sterling Silver Jewelry Pendant Necklace

Ernest Shackleton Memorabilia Sterling Silver Jewelry Pendant Necklace
Ernest Shackleton Memorabilia Sterling Silver Jewelry Pendant Necklace
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Ernest Shackleton Memorabilia Sterling Silver Jewelry Pendant Necklace

Sir Ernest Shackleton discovered coal in January, 1909. (This is a different expedition than the one he experienced on the Endurance). His exploration party did not make it to the South Pole, but they did get within 97 miles of their goal when survival dominated valor.

In the process, they discovered a route up through the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, through the Beardmore Glacier (and its treacherous crevasses), to the polar plateau. Somehow, 200 miles from the pole they discovered coal. In their struggles through a blizzard they noticed a coal seam, mapped the vein and brought back samples. The Antarctic coal in this pendant necklace came from the same area where Shackleton stopped, mapped and collected.

Later in the 20th century Shackleton rapidly became a cult figure, a role model for leadership as one who, in extreme circumstances, kept his team together in a survival story described by polar historian Stephanie Barczewski as "incredible, when his ship The Endurance was crushed in ice, during his renewed attempt for the South pole. Shackleton and his 26-man crew endured the long polar winter before ultimately finding rescue - following an 800-mile open boat voyage on the Weddell Sea. Against all odds, the entire crew of The Endurance survived.

Size of pendant: 1 5/8" L X 3/4" W X 1/4" D; Coal size: 1/4" Diameter; Your choice of quality black cord chain length: 18" 20" 22" 24"

Ships with quality jewelry box, Certificate of Authenticity and information about Ernest Shackleton.

The coal is from an old scientific estate collection. Only 1 available.


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