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Eocene Fossil Flower

Eocene Fossil Flower - Chocolate Family
Eocene Fossil Flower - Chocolate Family
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Eocene Fossil Flower - Chocolate Family
This is a 50 million year old Eocene fossil flower from the Green River Formation, Bonanza, Utah. It has great detail and is probably from the chocolate family. Fossil flowers are relatively rare. The first flowers are believed to have been found in the Nanjing region of China dating to the Jurassic and are about 174 million years old.

Flower fossil with matrix size: 57mm L X 55mm X 20mm D

Fossil Flower Size: 10mm L X 8mm W. Ships with tag and information. Display base and photo cube not included.

If you don't have a a rare fossil flower in your fossil collection this specimen would make a very fine addition.

Legally collected.

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