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Egyptian Mummy Rosetta Stone Playing Cards

Egyptian Mummy Rosetta Stone Playing Cards
Egyptian Mummy Rosetta Stone Playing Cards
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Product Description

Egyptian Mummy Rosetta Stone Playing Cards
These ancient Egyptian themed playing cards are ideal for use in card games such as: bridge, spades, poker, rummy, solitaire, and others.

These cards were purchased from The British Museum, In London, and are new, unopened, unused, and in pristine condition card decks. You get two decks of playing cards, one each of Rosetta playing cards and Mummy playing cards.

Designed for those that want playing cards that are interesting, Egyptian, Archaeology and/ or historically themed. The cards feature a classic English Court design on the fronts, and backed with images depicting two different famous exhibits from The British Museum.

The Rosetta playing cards feature the Rosetta Stone, a large granitoid block c. 196 B.C. The Greek text (bottom) on the Rosetta Stone allowed scholars to decipher ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

The Mummy cards feature the mummy mask of the Egyptian court lady, Satdjehuty, from the Eighteenth Dynasty, c. 1500 B.C.

Size of Egyptian playing cards: 3 1/2 L X 2 1/2" W. Sturdy, plastic coated cards with Superior Finish.

What's in the shipment: One new, unopened playing card deck of the Rosetta Stone and The Mummy. Each deck contains 52 cards, 2 jokers, and 1 Bridge score card.

These cards decks make a great gift for someone who enjoys history, art, and novel gifts.

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