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Egyptian False Door Archaeology Plaque Reproduction

Egyptian False Door Archaeology Plaque Reproduction
Egyptian False Door Archaeology Plaque Reproduction
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Egyptian False Door Archaeology Plaque Reproduction
This false door plaque is from the mastaba erected over the burial chamber of Irty-Ptah, a priest of Ptah and Scribe of the Divine Offerings in the Temple of Ptah at Memphis. The deceased extends his left hand toward an offering table.

The text is a standard funerary offerings and reads, "A 1000 of alabaster, a 1000 of clothing, a 1000 of incense, a 1000 of libations, a 1000 of meat, a 1000 of fowl, a 1000 of bread and a 1000 of beer for the revered one, Irty-Ptah."

The false door serves as a doorway for the soul. The design evolved from the decoration on offering niches in early mud brick tombs.

Provenance unknown, possibly Saqqara, Egypt; 6th Dynasty (2350-2170 B.C.E.) Limestone, Actual Size.

Size: 8 3/4" H X 7 3/4" W X 1/2" D, Saw-tooth wall hanger is one the back, for wall hanging.

This professionally done reproduction is from an original, from a museum collection. Arrives with information card and tag. Tag stand included. Wooden stand and photo cube not included.

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