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Earth's Oldest Rocks Geological Display Collection

Earth's Oldest Rocks Geological Display Collection
Earth's Oldest Rocks Geological Display Collection
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Product Description

The age of the Earth and the pursuit of the answers to when life started and how has been one of geology's biggest quest. We have put together here an extremely unique geological collection consisting of the very best specimens from Earth's oldest geological time arranged in a chronological timeline.

The collection that is for sale here contains: Allende Meteorite; Jack Hills Zircon, Australia; Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone, Hudson Bay, Quebec, Canada; Acasta Gneiss, Northwest Territories, Canada; Isua Greenstone Belt Greenland; Barberton Greenstone, South Africa.

The collection set is accompanied with an information sheet. Guaranteed authenticity. Copyright: 2019.

Size of the display: 8 1/4" W X 7" H X 3/4" D; Size of specimens: about 5/8-3/4" wide.

Only 2 left. No more will be made.

This is a very rare opportunity to get 6 different specimens from these premier geological locations. These geological specimens were obtained in a trade with several major geological scientific institutions.