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Dimmit Meteorite for Sale - 100 gram slice

Dimmit Meteorite for Sale
Dimmit Meteorite for Sale
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Product Description

Dimmit Meteorite for Sale
Dimmit Meteorite for Sale - 100 gram slice

Location: Dimmitt, Texas, United States 34 35'N, 102 10'W.

Found: 1942

Type: Ordinary Chondrite H3.7

Description: 24.8% iron. Dimmit is reported by some researchers to contain diamond. Breccia contains H5 and LL group clasts.

Size: 90mm L X 57mm W X 7mm D, 100 grams

Comes with original collection card and certificate of authenticity.

From the David L. Coleman Collection. Most of the meteorites offered are from the David L. Coleman Collection. David's meteorites were purchased primarily from Al Lang and French Meteorite dealers. He became interested in meteorites in 1989 and continued collecting them until his passing in late, 2002. Geoff Notkin wrote about his life in Meteorite Magazine.