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Carvings, Lichtenberg Figures and Crystals

Lichtenberg Figures Carvings and Crystals NEW
Carvings, Lichtenberg Figures and Crystals

Man has been carving using a diverse range of tools to make sculptures since ancient times. Pieces of ox scapula were used for pyromancy (a form of divination) in ancient lands. Divination would often be used in conjunction with these carving as a method of submitting questions to deities for forecasting; future weather, the planting of crops, good fortune, the outcome of military endeavors, and results of trade.

The questions would typically be carved into bone, shell or stone using a specific carving tool. High heat was then applied with a metal rod until the bone or shell cracked due to thermal expansion and the diviner would then interpret the pattern of cracks and reveal a prognostication.

Sculpture, carvings, paintings and crystals have all been involved to make art. Beautiful, intricate statues and ornate pieces of work have resulted in adding decor and inspiration to homes, gardens and even museums.

The items in this collection were garnered from various sources and we are now able to bring to the general public and opportunity to procure items from special collections. There is now a great selection of novelty available on our website, of the lightning-like patterns created by electric discharges through acrylic block (lichtenberg figures) to the carvings of specialized artisans from distant lands.