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Authentic Black Smoker Chimney Material Ocean Vent

Black Smoker Chimney Material Ocean Vent - Last One!
Black Smoker Chimney Material Ocean Vent - Last One!
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Product Description

Black Smoker Chimney Material Ocean Vent - Last One!
Authentic Black Smoker Chimney Material Ocean Vent

This sample of ultra rare black smoker chimney vent was legally obtained through a trade with a University. It contains pyrite and marcasite with chalcopyrite - iron sulfide with traces of copper, zinc, and a few other trace elements. Deep-sea hydrothermal vents were first discovered in 1979. Hydrothermal vent chimneys are formed by chemical interaction between cold seawater and hot vent water and are largely composed of sulfide materials. It is the precipitates that make the vent water appear black in color and give the chimneys their name. In the chimney structures and the underlying sulfide mounds, steep environmental gradients of temperature, pH, oxidation-redox potential, and various chemicals can be formed by equilibration between the vent water and the seawater and these provide diverse microhabitats for microbial communities.

This sample came from the Rodriguez triple junction in the Indian Ocean at a depth of 2,845 meters. It is peppered with tiny to larger holes and is an extremely interesting specimen.

Shipped with certificate of authenticity and information about the geological importance of the specimen. This is one of the few times that smoker material will ever be offered, other than what is being used for research or what is in premium private collections.

Ships in see-through perky display case with info, tag and Certificate of Authenticity. Cube and stand not included.

Size: 21mm H X 20mm W X 10mm D, 4.17 grams

Probably your only chance to get the "holy grail" of geological collection ultra rare specimens.

The price will never be lower on this.

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