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Benin Box Reproduction African Art Ouroboros

Benin Box Reproduction African Art Ouroboros
Benin Box Reproduction African Art Ouroboros
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Benin Box Reproduction African Art Ouroboros
This oval Benin African art box shows two fighting Portugese men in 16th century dress, a flying gin bottle, and an Ouroboros. It was originally made in the Kingdom of Benin, located in West Africa, for King Ovonramwen. It was created at the time of the 1897 invasion into Benin, by the British.

The Ouroboros, that is carved on this highly detailed box, is a symbol that has been used by many cultures from ancient to modern times, and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. The serpent devouring its tail is commonly regarded as the symbol for the cyclical endless nature of things in the universe. The boxes' meaning could be interpreted as suggesting the endless art of war, never-ending and unceasing between nations and people. The bottom of the box shows 3 separate, woven thatch like motifs.

Size: 6" L x 4" W x 1 7/8" H, original actual size.

This is a professional cast reproduction from the original, at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. 19th Century Ivory (original box).

This African Art box would make a great addition to any African Art Collection, or for the connoisseur of world history.

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