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Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari,South Africa

Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari Large
Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari Large
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Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari Large
Authentic Banded Iron Kalahari, Large, South Africa

You are going to want to pass your fingers over the beauty of this banded iron, as it has a rich story to tell in the annals of earth's history and the beginnings of life itself. The distinct alternating layers of red, iron-depleted silica with the distinctively dark, contrasting silver to black iron oxide layering are sedimentary in origin, but have been highly metamorphosed over time. The fascinating biochemical origin of Banded Iron Formation rocks make them important specimens in serious geological collections.

In earth's early history the young oceans contained reduced iron that had been washed into them over time from continents. This iron combined with the nascent oxygen produced by photosynthetic bacteria then settled on the ocean floors. The bacterial cycle of growth - bloom and then bust - of seasonal feedback oscillations in the oceans formed a complex feedback loop of unique geological layering, now known as banded iron formations.

Some of the oldest rock formations contain banded iron comprising of high contents of iron and silica. Since they have not formed since Precambrian time a very unique set of circumstances in our planets early history must have existed that is not present since that time.

This is a great specimen of banded iron BIF, sculpted by the winds of the Kalahari. It has 2 cut faces and the rest is ventifacted. Size: 51mm H X 46mm W X 45mm D, Weight: 199 grams

Ships with tag, information and certificate of authenticity. Legally collected on private land. Stands, cube not included.

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