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Banded Iron Chuos Formation Northern Namibia Africa

Banded Iron Chuos Formation Northern Namibia Africa
Banded Iron Chuos Formation Northern Namibia Africa
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Banded Iron Chuos Formation Northern Namibia Africa
Banded Iron for sale from the Chuos Formation Northern Namibia Africa

Banded iron formations or BIF are found on almost every continent. They occupy a prominent place in our planets biological and geological history. Banded iron deposits were not evenly created during the formation of Earth's history. The formation of sedimentary and residual deposits of banded iron requires complex interactions in the ocean–atmosphere–lithosphere–biosphere system. Most prominent visible results are seen in the banded iron formed in the Late Archean and Early Paleoproterozoic. Their formation reflects the oxygenation of the atmosphere–ocean system.

During the great oxygenation event of about 2,400 million years ago(MA) the formations became abundant and continued to about 1,800 MA with evidence pointing to fluctuating low levels of free atmospheric oxygen. Scientists think that about 750 million years ago (MA) new banded iron formations formed that were associated with Snowball Earth. Banded iron formation building has essentially disappeared from the geological record with none being produced today.

The banded iron of the Chuos Formation is approximately 745 MYA.

Specimen size: 61mm H X 44mm W X 24mm D

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